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A car accident attorney explains your legal rights if you sustain injuries in a car accident

Broken bone A car accident attorney can help protect your legal rights if you’ve been in a car accident and sustained an injury which altered your lifestyle or inconvenienced you economically.

During the violent impact of a car accident, the head, limbs, neck, and back are all strained and might be put out of place. Nerves, muscles, ligaments, and bones may be dislocated, torn, or otherwise injured.

Though victims are often taken to hospitals and examined for injuries, evidence of car accident injuries may take at least 24 hours to develop—sometimes days or weeks.

Some of the commonplace injuries which people sustain in car accidents can include:

Other possible symptoms of car accident injuries include muscle tenderness, stiffness, loss of mobility, dizziness, blurred vision, fatigue, tinnitus, and loss of concentration or short-term memory.

Though car accident injury claims may be dismissed as “frivolous” by some, there’s no arguing with the fact that car accidents cause serious injuries which can take a heavy toll on victims’ lifestyles and economic wellbeing.

If you or a loved one is injured in a car accident, then you may be entitled to file a complaint against the other driver(s) involved and recover financial damages. Your first concern after being hurt in a car accident should be to find and hire a trustworthy car accident attorney.

The Reeves Law Firm stands ready to help you seek justice for your loss of mobility or economic income.

Liability in Car Accidents

Road Car collisions happen frequently, but each one is different.

Determining fault can be a complex process depending on how many cars were involved, whether or not alcohol or drugs played a part, the weather at the time of the accident, and so forth. Even if one of the parties is “clearly” liable, several other people involved in the crash may bear partial responsibility—including you yourself, if you were involved.

Even if fault can be definitively proven, the amount of financial compensation which plaintiffs may receive varies widely depending on the severity of the injuries which the drivers and passengers sustained and the degree to which those injuries hampered their lifestyles or working lives.

There are, however, clear and thorough driver safety laws at work in Alabama. Drivers are expected to keep to a minimum standard of safety when behind the wheel. If your car accident attorney can prove that this standard of safety was violated or ignored, then you may be entitled to compensation for the injuries you sustained.

Most of the time, you can obtain a copy of your vehicle accident report in Alabama by clicking here.

How to React if You’re Injured in a Car Accident

After you seek and receive the proper medical attention for your injuries, it’s time to seek legal counsel. It doesn’t matter how severely you were hurt—even if your injuries were minor, you should still retain a car accident attorney to be on the safe side. It’s also a good idea to go to the doctor beforehand, because the medical examination you receive promptly following the accident will serve as the basis for your civil complaint.

It’s especially important to get a medical examination right away in case you have “soft tissue” injuries to your ligaments or muscle tissues, which are not detectable on X-rays or MRI scans. Insurance companies won’t often pay out unless the injuries are severe—fractures and such.

Remember what you’re up against.

Insurance companies don’t make money by making payouts. The insurance company of the person who hit you will try to do everything in its power not to give you compensation, including hiring an expensive legal team to deny your claim in court.

You need competent representation if you’re to receive your just settlement following an injurious accident.

It’s also important that you act quickly to file your complaint. If a doctor has diagnosed you with an accident-related injury, get your claim in as soon as possible.

First of all, many states have statues of limitations on accident injury lawsuits—the longer you delay, the greater the risk of the statute of limitations coming into effect.

During this time, keep close track of your medical expenses as well as ancillary costs like mileage (driving to and from medical facilities), the cost of renting a car (if your car is now totaled), lost wages, and other accident- and recovery-related expenses. You can claim any of these expenses in your insurance claim, and the other driver’s insurance company will be liable for all of them if you can prove that they were at fault in the accident in which you were injured. Keeping good records ensures that a paper trail is established and that your car accident injuries attorney has solid numbers to work with when building a case.

Again: insurance companies do not want to pay you.

They will do anything they can to avoid paying you compensation for accident-related injuries and repairs. It may also be the case that the driver who hit you wasn’t even insured. Sometimes the only way to receive compensation for the hurt you received is to file a suit in civil court against the driver.

A competent attorney can best advise you about your legal options following an accident.

Let the Reeves Law Firm Help You

Don’t wait if you or loved ones have been injured in car accidents—the car accident injuries attorneys at The Reeves Law Firm can help you today. Our specialty is accident injuries. We can help you receive just compensation for any accident-related injury, lost wages, or impaired lifestyle. Call The Reeves Law Firm at 256-355-3311 for a free and confidential consultation. We proudly serve injury accident victims in the cities of Decatur and nearby Huntsville along with those injured in Alabama.

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