When you use Greg you will get his full and honest attention to problem solving . . . I saw Greg work as a private figure making things happen in our community that today makes us a better place to live and work. He brought people together to solve problems not caring who got credit . . . In closing, Greg can be counted on in a time of need.
— Wally Terry, Director Economic and Community Development City of Decatur Alabama
Greg Reeves, Personal Injury Attorney
I have known Greg Reeves for over 20 years. He is honest, hardworking and competitive. If I had one call to make for an injury case, it would be to Greg Reeves.
— Attorney Brian White

About Greg Reeves

Greg Reeves has been a trial lawyer for more than 25 years. His work is devoted to helping injured persons. He has obtained six-figure verdicts and has been featured in Lawyer’s Weekly USA.  

Greg believes that, in order to be a good lawyer, a person must first be a good teacher. To that end, Greg has served as adjunct faculty at the Alabama School of Law and teaches trial skills to other lawyers as faculty of the Gerry Spence Trial Lawyer’s College in Dubois, Wyoming.

Greg has presented to attorneys in Alabama, Los Angeles and at the Belli Seminar in Santa Clara County, California.

In 2008, Greg was elected to the Decatur City Council by a margin of 80%.  He was then elected by the council to serve as president of the council. His leadership resulted in many positive changes for the city, including a $3.6 million dollar 25,000 sq ft pavilion, reorganization of many departments, a $6.5 million dollar sewer project, record beautification and road improvements and the establishment of a new $8.5 first phase Fine Arts College in downtown Decatur with a partnership between Calhoun Community College and Athens State College.  

At the same time, Greg helped guide the city through the worst recession in recent memory while maintaining the cities excellent credit rating and reserves.

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